The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Reliable WordPress Management Dashboard

As far as WordPress goes, you need a management dashboard to help you control or monitor your website. The management dashboard helps to increase productivity and efficiency and save lots of time in the end. It lists your websites, plugins and themes in a convenient location. With a number of management dashboards for WordPress out there, most people are finding it hard to choose a good one. Read on to find out how to proceed with such a task.

How is it Different from Multisite?

Multisite only allows you to maintain your websites within your network while a WordPress management dashboard allows you to maintain your websites from separate or same networks. The dashboard gives you the convenience of managing sites from single WordPress installations or separate Multisite networks. It also makes it easy to link sites hosted on different servers to it.


Management dashboards for WordPress sites have a number of features to improve the users’ experience. Note that these features differ depending on your provider. Here are what to expect from them:

• Deployment options for installing, deleting, deactivating and activating themes or plugins of your sites.

• Backups for making copies of all linked sites for precautionary measures.

• Uptime monitoring for receiving notifications whenever your sites experience downtimes.

• Google Analytics or SEO tracking for checking SEO stats or website traffic or getting Google Analytics updates.

• Content and comment management feature that lets you mark comments as spam, delete them, edit them or write them. It also allows you to create and edit posts.

• Security feature for scanning malware and other security threats.

Considerations for Choosing One

You need to choose a WordPress management dashboard according to your needs to get the most out of it. Be sure to set goals before shopping for one. Here are other factors you should consider.

1. Cost

Cost, in this case, entails the time and money you are likely to spend on the management dashboard. If it will cost you lots of time, there are high chances that it will affect your overall productivity. Furthermore, if it costs a lot of money, chances are that it will affect your financial status and efficiency.

2. Support

You should try to contact the support team and see how they respond to your queries before buying a management dashboard. If they are hesitant to respond, chances are that they are not diligent. The support team needs to take your concerns or queries seriously.

3. Ease of Use

Management dashboards differ from each other. The features you find on one dashboard may not be available on another one. Either way, you should choose one that has all the features that can meet your needs and are easy to use.

Is a WordPress Management Dashboard Worth Your Investment?

If you are having a hard time trying to maintain your WordPress websites and their updates, a WordPress management dashboard may work for you. The dashboard acts as a single page for managing bulk websites, themes and plugins. It is ideal for website owners or developers who have several sites under their management. Its centralized location eliminates the need to log in to all the websites for you to maintain them.

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