Can’t pay your bills? Here is what you can do

How does it feel to never miss out paying bills on time?
No stress of penalties on late payments or interest charged?
Amazing, for sure!

BUT, only if an ideal world existed.

In the non-fictional world we are faced with immense problems— especially in financial aspects. Most often people fail to make timely payments on their bills, or are left with little or no money at all as a result of a poor financial decision.

When you fail to pay the bills, you are bound to feel stressed, embarrassed, angry, and even depressed. But, instead of taking the right steps, you often try to hide the situation.

And, that’s the worst thing to do.

Whether you are late on your bills or unable to make any payments, hiding is never the solution. Therefore, we are here to bring some encouragement and provide you with five essential steps to fix the issue.

Calculate the amount of extra money you need to pay your bills
There are many budgeting websites and apps available online to guide you in evaluating income and expenses. Alternatively, you can make use of a paper to write down where the extra income will be coming from throughout the month. This will help you to evaluate a projected amount in hand.

Don’t hide the situation from your loved ones

Hiding from your family or loved ones is the worst thing to do.

Instead, be honest and truthful. If the mistake lies at our end, accept the situation and offer or seek ways to get out of the situation. Furthermore, if you are honest about the situation, your family will help you with keeping expenses low so as to save up enough for paying your bills.

Prioritize/determine your bills
Categorize bills according to the level of importance, such as the billed amount, date of expiry, interest rates and penalty charges. Then follow with:
• Pay off the essentials first, such as house, water and electricity bills
• Call companies/providers whose bills you cannot afford to make up on time
• Let them honestly know your situation. In most genuine cases, providers will offer concessions on your bills (especially if you have been paying your bills on time in the past)

Cut down non-essential costs quickly

Spending freeze is one great way to go about this.

For example, you can ditch off unimportant grocery products, television cable fee or cut down on your smart phone plans. Additionally, you can look to sell off unwanted goods lying at your home online or garage sales.

Look at the bigger picture
Or, looking at ways to ensure that the situation never arises again
Therefore, tackling steps beforehand can save you the embarrassment in future. So, instead of burying your head in the ground, meet the problem with fierce. Make use of the aforesaid ways to quickly get yourself out of a big financial mess!

Laura Wilson

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